Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Experiment 1: Magic Milk

  1. Food Colouring
  2. Squirt of Detergent
  3. Saucer
  4. Eyedropper
  5. 50 mls Milk
  1. Pour 50mls milk into the saucer.
  2. Drop food colouring in different spots of the saucer.
  3. Put some dish soap into the milk.
  4. Observe what happens.
Rhonda: I think that the colours will be mixed in together.
Soane I think when in put the three colours into the
milk nothing will happen but when we put the
detergent in with milk and the colours, the colours will spread.
Rhonda: My hypothesis was correct because the
reaction that was caused with the milk and
detergent made the colours mix together.
Soane: My hypothesis was correct. I saw that
a tiny squirt of detergent will cause a reaction with the milk.
Colours added into different corners of the milk.
Detergent combined with the milk and the food colouring.

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